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Are you 'Ready!'?

Note-taking may be overrated in today’s fast paced world. Information flies at you from all directions and you hope that the important stuff sticks. But note-taking served me (and you, if you’re reading this!) because while starting my first business, I took approximately a zillion notes on the surprises and realities that came up for me. I realized these notes might just be helpful to someone just like my former self, embarking on the journey of a lifetime.

Fast forward seven years and a decision to sell my first baby business, I’ve had a chance to really reflect on those evolutions with a little more healthy detachment than when I was in the thick of the learning. Ready! What To Expect is the guide to awakening through your purpose of entrepreneurship...and is ready to be shared with the world.

Creating something from scratch ain’t easy. It shouldn’t be easy; otherwise, it won’t feel as good when it is time to launch and bring the concept to life. Take giving birth. How many people have been in excruciating pain for 35 hours and decided 'you know what? I'm going to do it again! AND, recommend it for all of my friends!'? Probably not many because it's an unconvincing sales pitch. It would also be myopic of us to focus on the physical discomfort of labor while losing sight of the beauty that is childbirth...and the wonder that comes with raising your baby human. I don't intend to scare you by telling you the things you never hear about from entrepreneurs. It does mean that with a little guidance and storytelling, you can find the trust and intuition inside yourself through the lessons and anecdotes inside this book.

So to birth a book, which isn’t as exciting as birthing a business, but in retrospect, arguably as demanding, the process was well, a process. Draft 1 of the manuscript was heavy on the detail around starting a business. Draft 2 was reworked to underscore just how raw and emotionally ready I needed to be to face some of the set backs. Draft 3 spent more effort talking about the stories and my voice. Draft 4 felt something like another birth because what I was able to hold and see was something beautiful and of my own creation, but my editor had some other (albeit helpful) suggestions.

Just like starting a business, the road to manuscript was hard. I won’t write a book about that topic, but will tell you that my heart and soul went into delivering the words you’ll read so the messages are clear. The end result is a road map of my journey of birthing a business. This book takes you through the trimesters leading up to the launch of a business and the early stages of business parenthood. Ready! What to Expect When Birthing a Business is my opportunity to share my passion with anybody who is ready to go down this wonderful path.

I hope you enjoy the insiders version of what starting a business really asks of you. What it takes to become Ready! Order your presale copy today! Like in real life, the lessons don’t stop once the baby arrives. There are still more notes to go through, and stories to tell. Follow us to stay close as the evolution continues and our community of business moms, learning together, grows.

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