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CEO Time Management

There's a lot of assumptions about how CEOs spend their time... golfing, volunteering...basking in the success of their company.

In reality, here's how they often spend their time:

  • prioritizing finance, marketing, operations or HR functions (by the moment as new priorities jump in).

  • filling out purchase orders, inventory pick ups or order delivery, supply chain management, reconciling Quickbooks, recruiting and/or training team members.

And here's how they should spend their time...

  1. Strategically deciding where to invest (assuming there isn't a financial officer in place).

  2. Creatively guiding the company to new thresholds, be it of efficiency, revenue streams or programs (assuming there isn't an operating or innovation officer thinking about this).

  3. Thinking about the long-game. Is there an exit? What does the 10 year plan look like, are we managing to it. And this is on top of managing the 2-5 year plan already in place for the early stage life cycles.

  4. Hiring (even if you have a manager) and helping the team appreciate the culture you built.

I welcome your thoughts on how you've spent your time as a CEO and what makes for a balanced business owner and rewarding entrepreneurial experience.

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