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Feedback on your business (or book)

Would you ever tell someone their baby is not very cute? No!

But plenty of folks easily rip on entrepreneurs' creations or an authors best work, and that's because there is an investment at play: they either paid money for your product or service or perhaps you're just not their cup of tea (as in some of the anonymous internet warriors who bravely trolled articles about my first business before they even tried it). Verified reviewer or not, often times tough reviews simply lack an appreciation of the effort (and emotion) involved with creation.

That's not to say we can't take feedback seriously. We must use it to evolve our businesses (if it's fair and if you're hearing it consistently). But we can also use it to evolve us as human beings, too. When you expose yourself (a la a business or even a book), you're inviting exposure of the rawest form. Some people aren't going to like what you're doing... and some people are going to LOVE it. Both sets of feedback is good data and important to dig into.

Have a look at my post featured on Medium and let me know your thoughts or experiences digging into what lessons the universe (or even internet trolls) have taught you.

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