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Some people realize how much life was in their years when they get to the end, and look back discerningly. Others, like my grandma, live so much life, in each of their days.


Arletta Clutteur didn’t understand the visions and messages she was seeing as a young girl, but she learned they were signs from her Creator and her purpose became very clear. With this freedom and trust in a higher power, she accomplished more living in her eight decades than she could imagine, and touched more people through her endless acts of service and creative ways to support her community and country. This rare bird is my grandma and I’m lucky to be able to tell her story while she’s still alive to enjoy it.


Lyndsey Clutteur DePalma was always fond of her grandparents and knows all of her entrepreneurial inspiration and hard-wiring came from the strong women in her lineage. She watched her mother, grandmother and sister become immersed in businesses and philanthropy to help another human being have a better go at it. Inspired by how her grandmother became so motivated having come from very little means, DePalma set out to discover the events and influences that defined the beautiful soul that is her grandmother Arletta, also known as The White Dove.FAITH FULL will illuminate the origin story of the very special Arletta Clutteur, retell the poems and songs she wrote with an open heart from her God, and highlight how being true to one's purpose and gifts can create a light so bright that is easy to also be inspired.


By the end, your faith may also be restored and full.

Faith Full: A Memoir of Arletta Clutteur, The White Dove

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