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Lyndsey Clutteur DePalma      

1408 N Powhatan St

Arlington,VA 22205


@lyndseydc on IG and


Tea shop owner chronicled lessons in startups; saves budding entrepreneurs thousands in free advice both from pitfalls and talk-therapy.  


Arlington, Virginia, United States August 15, 2019 - When the stakes are high and the uncertainty is real, entrepreneurs no longer need to rely on sterile business books to prepare them for starting up a new business. Available for presale and released on 9/24/19, Ready: What to Expect When Starting a Business is the book that most entrepreneurs wish they would have had before starting their businesses.  


Author Lyndsey Clutteur DePalma reflects on her first several entrepreneurial ventures stating, “it’s not just lonely and isolating in the start up world… it’s raw and it has the potential to awaken the spirit more than any other vocational endeavor in a lifetime” and why wouldn’t someone want to prepare themselves for such a transformation, both in tactical preparations, as well as spiritual openness. 


READY prepares hopeful business owners for what truly to expect: the anticipation, the waiting, the lessons in resilience… birthing a business is simply a gorgeous feeling, one of the hardest and most sensational of your life.


Lyndsey Clutteur DePalma is here to light the path for hopeful business “parents.” After personally building a holistic tea shop from scratch, working through a renowned MBA program, and coaching a diverse range of business owners, she now presents the intimate stories behind starting a business that gives new entrepreneurs a way to approach the beautiful and sometimes scary moments of starting something on your own. She sheds light on how lovingly deep the experience can be, the high highs, the “why didn’t this come up in birthing class?!” lows, and the lessons learned for the next time around.


READY will help prepare your mind, body, soul, and finances for the illuminating challenge of starting and running a successful business. It will be available through IngramSpark channels and Amazon/Kindle on 9/24/19. Local Arlington retailers will also have the book on hand. Check back to for a full list. Email to request review copies.



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