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What People Are Saying

Ali Sherbiny

Smiling Light Acupuncture

Working with Lyndsey has been rewarding and impactful. Her ideas are  thoughtful and balanced with the needs of my business. Her kind and loving approach to supporting entrepreneurs has been refreshing and empowering

Deanne Brock 

founder of The-Design-Stage

Starting something from scratch can be stressful when so much risk and money is on the line. Working with Lyndsey, I felt confident I was moving in the right direction, focusing on what mattered for where I was in the start up process. She ignited and intentionalized my path and I'm forever grateful. 

Lisa McLaughlin

Pop Pod Party Planning

Lyndsey has a unique ability to bring calm to the space as well as practical suggestions to move forward. I'm very grateful for her help and expertise and recommend her to many small business owners I know!

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