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Ready...Bridges the gap between theory and reality of becoming an entrepreneur.

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Lyndsey Clutteur DePalma started her own business at the age of 30, and quickly realized there was more to being an entrepreneur than she had learned studying for her MBA. Lyndsey is a DC-area entrepreneur who loves helping others fill up their purpose cup by creating businesses of their deepest desires. She brings a loving, playful and nurturing style to her writing, talks and business coaching.
Lyndsey Clutteur DePalma
Entrepreneur, Author, Mother

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What to Expect When Starting a Business

Business book meets emotional reality.

We are born to create. Our brains are wired to nurture and care. Our evolution proves we naturally push ourselves a little further. What does all of this mean for an enterprising woman pondering their purpose? A likely desire to start a business. Yet, having the desire and ability is one thing, finding the stamina and fortitude to navigate the process and the lessons is quite another. But the entrepreneur, by nature of the job description, can figure it all out. She can create something beautiful in spite of the unspoken challenges and pitfalls. She can welcome the challenges, having braced herself with some healthy what-to-expect wisdom. 

Learn what to expect before you birth your business. Recognize how you can show up to the inevitable problems. Love the process, in spite of the surprises that not many are talking about. This book will help you ascertain when you are Ready... and help you prepare your mind, body, soul, and finances for the gamut of starting and running a successful business.

Ready. What to expect when birthing a bu
I love working with open-hearted entrepreneurs because the rewards are richer and the effort comes easier.

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"Difficult conservations give us an opportunity to either come together or break further apart"
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